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Originally Posted by TheFifthSet View Post
For fricks sake. If Nadal and Sampras played 50 percent of their matches on clay and 50 percent of their matches on other surfaces, Nadal would have the head-to-head advantage. That's what I'm trying to say and you refuse to respond to it directly yet keep arguing with me. In this whole thread you haven't onced addressed that head-on. Stop trying to turn this into something it isn't. It doesn't matter if Sampras would have the edge on other surfaces -- I think any reasonable person would see that if they played 50 percent clay-50 percent other surfaces, Nadal would hold the lead.
No problem about that. I think everyone agrees that Nadal would destroy him on clay, he would also probably be the heavy favorite on plexicushion (Sampras never could beat Agassi on the much-faster Rebound Ace) and would be in serious danger of losing some on slow grass. Sampras would be a huge favourite indoor and on fast HC, though. But in the end, he would be seriously trailing, even if he "wouldn't allow" that...
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