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Originally Posted by anirut View Post
Hi Eric.

It's sad that it's really difficult to find 4 3/8 grip here in Thailand. May be if I drop by some branches of the store, or any stores that has the model, I'll give things a look to see if they have the grip size.

I'd think it'd be better if you can PM me and we can exchange phone numbers so I can call if I see anything.
Hi Anirut, for some reason I cant find the pm function. I have checked a few stores and for some reason they dont have the new model of this racket. Its on the TW Europe site and I have spoken with a friend from Germany who comes to visit often and he said he could bring one for me. Here is my email..reply back and I will get you my info. I know Paul Freda..met him a few yrs ago and bought a nice Head MG PP off him.
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