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Originally Posted by Dream_On View Post
All the NJCAA rule has done is weaken the teams in the NJCAA by about 100x, so much that the top 2 players on most teams are internationals that stayed from last year and are all the highest ranked (Baring a few american's that happen to be good and go to a juco out of circumstance) and 4 guys from the local HS tennis team which can hardly keep 4 balls in the court.
This is what some folks want. I also predict that some schools will drop tennis because they can't field a full squad. But there are many who don't care if small college tennis goes away. They don't care as long as the internationals are limited and little Johnny gets to now play tennis at his dream BCS school. But guess what? Johnny still can't play at his dream BCS school, he's still not good enough and the internationals are still there. Meanwhile many smaller schools that could have used Johnny's tennis skills but were scoffed at by him, are left looking for tennis player to fill there line ups. And they look where they are apprieciated, internationally .
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