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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
A blow dryer will work fine to remove the residue and tape/stickers. TW keeps the racquets organized by using barcodes and such. Would you rather have a incorrect order and get a grade D Radical Pro instead of grade A ( just a example ) like you bought? :P
Right, I understand why they have barcodes there... I was just offering a suggestion for them to remove that stuff after someone places the order. Removing that stuff probably isn't fun for anyone, but ideally the supplier should be doing that and not the customer? As I said, just a suggestion.

Originally Posted by ricki View Post
easiest way to get sticker residue down is to use some fabric and press it onto glue and rub it down in one direction = I guarantee 100% removal of sticker glue
Thanks for the tip!
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