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Wowzers. Put Kevlar in Pure Drive? That's just crazy talk. Playing with Kevlar is like smoking. It might not get ya the day after, or in a week, or month... But it WILL get you. Like many others who called this thread home, my 3 month stint with the PD ended with a bad case of TE, (my first case, and I've been playing since age 8 ) and I moved on. It seems the few holdouts still remaining here are determined to join the post PD walking wounded club.

Sorry for the drama, but it really puts a burr in my saddle when I see folks recommending putting a string that has been scientifically observed to be 2.5 - 3 times stiffer than the stiffest poly, into one of the stiffest frames on the market. That is akin to getting down on your hands and knees, and begging the tennis Gods for injury.

If you need Kevlar to keep the ball in the court, perhaps you have got the wrong racquet, lack the technique for producing topspin, or both.

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