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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
IME/O - being consistent and delivering the same thing every time is the single most important thing to me. Ergo, I use a time honored method, the KISS method. Keep It Simple Stupid.

If the customer asks for 55 pounds mains and crosses....I have this funny inclination to string the mains and crosses at 55 pounds...exactly. I don't use calculus to extrapolate out a harmonic average tension varying string by string. I also don't wear Mickey's Wizard hat when I string. I just pull the damn string.

I really wish people (not you) would quit trying to turn racquet stringing into some science, mystical cosmic event, or occult practice.
I understand your sentiment and, as a customer, mostly agree with you. It can be frustrating as a customer getting such huge variations from different stringers when specing the same reference tension.

I'm a tech geek with an artistic background and really appreciate that small variations in stringing and racquet mods can result in differences in how a frame plays. I've experienced myself in blind testing (eg feeling small variations in SW or string bed tension without looking at the frames).

So of the three stringers detailed above, if I spec something like gut/poly at 56/52 with no more detail I'll get back three VERY different string jobs from those three stingers ranging from very tight to compareitively loose.

So I guess my question is about industry standards in some ways. I know they don't exist at a low level which is why it's best to always go to the same stringer over time, but that's not always possible (eg multiple stringers in one shop and they rotate to different shops).
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