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Again apples and oranges. Soccer requires various positions, some pure speed, others strategic thinking, etc. So they are looking for different things in different players.

If you want to make the comparison to tennis it would be strictly who wins. You lose you go back down a level and have to earn your way back to the elites. After the US Open Jr. Kozlov would remain elite, as would Peliwo....your player would move down a level.
So after the US Open Rubin , Schnieder, Hitzik would have been gone ? WOW that's incredible but I think the soccer guys would see the consitency of all these players and kept them ..

Still would like to see that video of your girl if she looks anything close to DB or Db's sister I may consider what you say but something tells me DB's sister at 7 yrs would have rolled right through her but a video could convince me that she may have held up against and elite athlete 7 yr old like DB's sister ..

Video please ?

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