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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Geez, why wait 7 years? It's not expensive to get in with an entry level drop weight which strings just as consistent as anything else, and speed wise, once you get it down you are talking less than 1 hour easy.... you'll more than cover the cost of an entry level stringer with just 5-6 string jobs, plus the benefit of being able to experiment with different strings and tensions, or even make a few bucks stringing for friends.... it's really not that difficult or time consuming.
It's not cost, it's time: time to learn and time to do the stringing. Skill-wise I'm sure I can handle since I'm very handy with tools and crafts.

But I have adopted your perspective in the recent past and am very tempted to make the leap as soon as this winter. I do love experimenting which would save money. But there's a retired fellow in our neighborhood who does excellent work and is really hardcore (attends the Florida symposium). He only charges $10 per job just to earn pocket money and stay busy so it's pretty cheap (another shop charges $20, $25 if you bring in your own gut).
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