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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Honestly, you wasted both your time and Peliwo's if you expected some sort of revelation about stroke mechanics from him.
I would say he has revealed couple of things of immense importance which are simply beyond the scope of most people here - the importance of hitting through the ball and the importance of racket manipulation for direction.

That is really the difference between you and him - you think he has wasted his time but he doesn't think so. It is always like that. The people who are good are always willing to share - it is the low level people who are cynical, like you think you are qualified to speak on his behalf when you are basically a nobody. That is why thanks, but no thanks. I will go with him and his time wastage than someone like you who has never seen a high level ball. You can keep your precious time to yourself, I won't be needing it.
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