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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post

"Modern" players generally take the racket head back higher than players in previous eras. That's what creates the loop backswing. .
The problem is you start with a couple of false premises.
First, a higher tk back just makes a bigger loop and has little to do with
making a loop; just affects the size of it. Lower tk back makes a nice smaller
loop. Actually there is a certain modern move towards being more compact &
making loops smaller currently.
Second, you never show an connection between your high tk back and making
a bigger loop to the OP's idea of "loop vs early". Only relation seems to be that
your bigger loop will take more time and require earlier prep, but you never even
mention it that I saw. Seems you just want to talk about big loops and saw loops in
a topic along with a chance to insult other instructional approaches that actually
address the issues of the op
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