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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
I am going to get hate from Mainad/Fedex/batz but I don't care, it has to be said: Murray's draw has once again, evaporised.
Hate? None of us hate you. We don't hate anybody. We leave the hating to you and the others on here who feel the constant need to post these endless, pointless threads about how lucky Murray is at every single tournament he ever plays.

Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
: Let have a look at his draw to the SFs : Bye, W/O, Lolgopolov, OLD Stepanek.
Let's have a look at the other draws. Federer: Bye, Lu (lol), Stan (his favourite pigeon), Cilic (part of Murray's easy USO draw according to you) .

Djokovic: Bye, Dimitrov (please!), Lopez (part of Murray's easy draw at USO according to you) and then gets to play dear old Tommy Haas for a place in the semis otherwise it would have been HIS dear, old favourite pigeon, Tipsy lol!

So yeah Murray didn't get to play Mayer. Lucky, jammy sod!

Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
Then when he wins the Murray brigade will be out pointing out how awesome he is and how many MS1000s he has and how "Lendl has transformed him" and "he is riding the wave of confidence winning his first GS gave him".
So, won't any of that be true then?

Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post

Now I expect the usual "Was it windy in Shanghai?".
Well, we won't know whether it was too windy unless Murray manages to win the tournament, will we? If he wins it, I'm sure you'll be tripping over yourself to point it out. If he doesn't win it, then the wind was obviously no factor for the guy who does and you can safely go back to telling us what a useless, talentless, pusher he has always been!

Reckon I've got that about right??
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."

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