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Originally Posted by Maui19 View Post
As for some of the distances pros hit the ball, it is not unusual for big hitters like McIlroy, Woods and Dustin Johnson to hit their pitching wedges 150 yards.
Yes, but a pitching wedge used to be 52-degrees. Now it is 45-degrees.

Though there is no real standard. Nobody really knows what the loft is on Tiger's pitching wedge.

Golf is now undisputedly a power game, and those boys hit the ball unbelievable distances.
Golf is a power game on the tour, not really true at all for rec players. First of all, we all play from "the blues". And even if we play from "the blacks", I bet our blacks are nothing near what they play on tour (though I play at a course called Thanksgiving point that is 7728 from the blacks. Now THAT requires power. For the record, I play from the golds and do fine, but the blacks are OUTRAGOUS). But pro courses are nowhere near 7728 either. The advantage of power comes from the fact that they can be hitting 8-irons and up into greens instead of 4 irons. That's great for them because they are deadly accurate with short irons. Most rec guys will still make a mess out of a 150-yard shot, so it does them no good anyway.

Second, on most courses I play, if I hit drives as wayward as Tiger, I'd be in the woods or in a neighboring field. On tour, it is wide open for the most part. So just smack it. Even if you are 50 yards off the fairway, you probably still have a shot at the green.

The golf I play requires **some** power, but mostly least if you keep track of all those pesky OB strokes and don't just take "another mulligan".
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