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Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
So the question remains... if Armstrong doped so much and ran such a huge doping operation, how come none of the blood and urine samples he's provided can be shown to contain banned drugs?
Two reasons:
1) The PED users are ordinarily one or two steps up from the drug testers. I'm in the medical field and have looked at this quite a bit. It's really hard to test for someone who is storing his own blood and putting it back into his system. EPO is tricky depending on the form of it used. Steroids are a bit easier but it also depends on what they've been using and some of the new ones are tough. HGH is getting better. There was a great documentary on ESPN last night about Ben Johnson/Carl Lewis and the other sprinters. It ends with one of the drug testing guy talking about when he went back and tested samples with better tests 4-5 years after the Olympics and things lit up. He decided it wasn't worth pursuing it any more

2) I get the sense that Postal had some sort of agreement with some of the testing people. Lance even donated money to some of the drug testing for the UCI. Everybody was making huge money off Lance and it was hard to stop that wave. It would have been the equivalent of Major League Baseball really testing McGuire and Sosa in in 98/99. It's hard to bring down the people that are bring so much interest and money to your sport.
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