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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
guys, I think I have to switch sticks again... =/. It's more of a pondering altercation to my game.

The RDiS200 is a great stick, but due to my left wrist, I am unable to hit my 2hbh without painful repercussions. I have switched to an 1hbh and can hit rally shots, but can't seem to hit as precise as I need to be for match play (even 3.5 matchplay).

I borrowed a friend's K90 and it automatically clicked with all my shots. It takes a little spin off my serves and I was punished for mishits more often, but the level of potential playability a solid mid provided me just completely outshined the RDiS200. I've always been a fan of players sticks, but the RDiS200 really changed my game. It allowed me to swing a bit quicker for defensive shots and actually won me a set 6-1 due to how much it let me grind out points. Though mids tend to let me have more depth and directional control, as well as the weight to hit a nice enough angle or power shot to get me a winner or into a neutral rally.

I'm back into the mindset that maybe this racket isn't quite what I needed after all...

A good friend told me he used to be afraid of my shots when he came in at net. Now that i've switched, I can't quite invoke the same fear as when I was using mids/95s. Unless I switch to a hard topspin game like the rest of the world, I can't see me being as successful with this racket as a mid. I think its just self doubt, slumps, and lack of adaptation that may be adding up here, but that one day with the K90 was either a sign or a honeymoon phase.

I miss mids. I love the spin, the comfort, and the FORGIVENESS of the RDiS200, but does it really work for me?

I'm going to spend more time trying to groove with the RDiS200, but this doubt is going to bug me for a bit...

EDIT: I'm going to be messing with my closet sticks now... I wish i hadn't sold my Diablo Mids (T~T)
got a scuffed up Diablo Mid if you decide to let go of the yy200.
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