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Originally Posted by TCF View Post started the analogy with Ajax. If you want it to apply to tennis you have to scale the numbers.

No kids would "be gone". They would be moved down a group until they earned their way back up.

The analogy for tennis would be like this. The Ajax people keep a short list of kids they think can be 'elite international competitors'. The list is large at younger ages, and gets shorter. By age 17 it is quite short.

So in tennis we would make a list of all the boys who top coaches think may have a chance to be money making pros. Such a list may contain the top 2 USTA 16s, the top 3 USTA 18s, the top 10 ITFs, the top 5 Euro boys, etc.

Now count how many of them your player has beaten in the last 6 months, the last year. That is the measuring stick an Ajax system for tennis would use, not going from 400 to 7 USTA. How many of the top 400 USTA boys have a shot at being money making pros? 1-2? So the guys he leaped over in USTAs are irrelevant.

Ajax allots for late bloomers too. Thats why the "merely gifted" are not kicked out. They go to a lesser level and if they earn their way back, fantastic.
I get how they work their system , that was not my point in the beginning , what I was pointing out as I have for years on here is that to build players for a higher level you need to start them off with the right mindset in the beginning ,,It not a child friendly there its all business , like I have said you take them to Disneyland for fun and bring them to the tennis court for them to be business-like about competition .
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