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Originally Posted by jean pierre View Post
I think Bud collins thought that Boud Collins was "the most other authorities" ! Because most authorities (Livre d'or du Tennis, Tennis de France, Eugene L. Scoot, Christian Quidet, Patrice Dominguez, Fracis Haedens, World tennis ...) declared Vilas n1. "Experts were agree to consider Vilas as the real n1 in 1977" (Chron'open, specialized web site). "ATP was contradicted by experts ; placed n1 by specialized newspapers..." (Sportvox, web site).
1. Can you prove that Chron'open and Sportvox are reputable sources?
2. Can you give links to the original text?

Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Do you have a mind of your own at all?
Yes, I do.

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