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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
Then when he wins the Murray brigade will be out pointing out how awesome he is and how many MS1000s he has and how "Lendl has transformed him" and "he is riding the wave of confidence winning his first GS gave him".
You know that's BS.

Since 2008 I believe, Murray's won 2-3 Masters every year with or without Lendl - If he wins Shanghai, his ability to win there with or without a cake draw is irrelevant considering he's won here the last two years.

Lendl isn't even in Shanghai, neither is he 'riding the wave of confidence' considering he's lost a match since USO (where he also had match points).
Q: How close are you and Djokovic?
Murray: Well he's in Dubai and I'm Doha, so around 450kms
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