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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
+4 with Rabbits post.

As much as certain stringers try and make stringing an art to make themselves or work special,,,,,,,, by and large stringing is anything but an art form. It is a craft. As rabbit stated, KISS.
I respect and value your opinion very much and know about your professional experience. Do you pull a constant tension on all strings or vary it across the SB as in JET or proportional stringing? By your answer above I assume constant byt just want to confirm.

One reason I'm curious is that I'm about to have both frames strung for a head to head comparison of VS/4G versus VS/Focus Hex. I want both freshly strung at the same time and in the same manner so I'm spending the money to have it done in one go.

The fellow doing the work will do what I spec but his default is something like JET.
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