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Originally Posted by tennisconsultcom View Post
It is quote from latest article on my blog.
"...Every time you step on the court, there should be a purpose, whether it be with a coach, a ball machine or an opponent. One purpose has to be better strokes, and for this you need a coach. No one deliberately hits incorrect shots, so there’s no point in the player trying to make the correction on his own. It is easier to learn anything — a new stroke, or a new language, when you are young. Waiting until you are in college or on the tour is foolhardy, since without good strokes, you won’t get your college scholarship..."
That is absolutely correct. You need a coach on court with you during practice matches. That is the best way to correct your mistakes and bad strokes. That way you can really keep track if you are fixing the erroneous movements or not. If it is pointed out to the player after each shot he will make the change and get on to the next issue quickly. This is the way all the advanced players/juniors train right now. Always a coach on the court with both opponents working on the strategy/strokes etc...during the practice match.
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