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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Anybody have their shoulder or Arm fall off yet with this new 2012 model ? and any updated from babolat on the fix for the defect of racket losing control after 3 month of play ?
yes i had hand/TE/shoulder problem but that was purely down to bad strings and not really knowing what strings felt like that had gone!!!!and that made the decision easier for me to buy my own stringing machine and i havent looked back

i gave the pd another chance after i got over my little setbacks and i havent regretted that either,well until ive started to mess about with the yonex ezone 100.

ive had no control problems from either of my pd,s and they both get played regular and i have different tensions for each one as i like to play with 52/50 and 44/42,both tensions play well so if your playing a more powerful poly i go to the higher tension and a low powered poly i go to the lower tension and these setups suit my game very very well

cheers garry
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