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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
I think part of the reason is that training to be an elite tennis player is so expensive.

Another part of the reason is that tennis is an individual sport and can be more stressful and less fun (at times) than a team sport.
I think those two really hit it on the head.

1) Cost - astronomical if you play indoors.

TCF says if you are talented, some academy will pick you up....
But, let's be honest, not every academy is the same.

So, the gold standard would be for me Bolliteri, if they would pick you up for free.........

But, for the 99% of the other kids, most are going to have to pay for it.

And to get to the Bolliteri level, unless your dad or uncle is a pro, you have to pay for the beginning.

2) At the high school level, tennis is not cool.
Football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, ice hockey - so much cooler and fun as it is a team sport....
Friday night football - big deal with the social aspects.
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