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Originally Posted by Tennishacker View Post
Best post by "Rabbit".

Too many folks fret about their equipment, I would suggest working on the serve, volley or that backhand slice.

When focused on improving one's game, the thought of "customizing" equipment, is but a distant memory.

OP, IMO, 4 lbs. between your mains and crosses is to much. IMO, 2 lbs. should be the max.
Yeah, I've played with that delta a bit based on frame size, pattern, and string type and gauge. It seems that I prefer around 4# on smaller and denser frames and 2# with larger, open heads shading up and down based on gauge and stiffness.

Fully agree about practice. I usually hit serves 2-3 times each week at lunch and hit at least 3-4 times each week (1 match, 1 formal lesson/practice, and 2 informal sessions with friends or family).

In fact, my interest in this topic is driven by the fact that I just switched fom the Speed 300 to the 200 Tour and want the setup nailed down asap so I can focus purely on technique. I'm a creature of habit but also very picky. I'll search far and wide for what I like and then enjoy the consistency and confidence of a known value.
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