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Originally Posted by tennytive View Post

From Nov to April I work out, play basketball, volleyball, hit the wall, swim, and shovel snow to keep in shape.

I'm not big on running unless it's after a ball, so maybe that works against me.

Thanks for those links, I'll check them out.

r2473… Wilt Chamberlain, Norm Van Lier… I don't feel so good myself.

ollinger… in my case may be a center of gravity thing as I'm still waiting for the stretch you describe. You're right, that may solve everything.
Next time you bagel someone, and have plenty of gas left in the tank, stop at the football field on the way home.

Sprint from goal line to goal line.

Watch those five yard markers become a blur as you accelerate and reach full speed.

Watch that yonder goal post all of a sudden getting bigger and bigger.

Push those last 30 yards, gasping for breath, but feeling great that you are alive and running on top of the turf instead of being 6 feet under.

Pushing yourself in a sprint - now that is living!
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