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Originally Posted by valsmokes View Post
That is absolutely correct. You need a coach on court with you during practice matches.

I would suggest it would be better if 50% of all practice matches be miles from the nearest coach (or parent).

That is the best way to correct your mistakes and bad strokes.

& the best way to stifle creativity and trial & error.

That way you can really keep track if you are fixing the erroneous movements or not.

Erroneous? I've heard two different coaches suggest two different things (often). One person's "erroneous" is another coach's "hmm....that's an interesting shot".

If it is pointed out to the player after each shot he will make the change and get on to the next issue quickly.

After each shot? In a practice match? oh dear lord.

This is the way all the advanced players/juniors train right now. Always a coach on the court with both opponents working on the strategy/strokes etc...during the practice match.
No wonder we're seeing a bunch of clones. FWIW, i know of many "advanced/players/juniors" who play lots of practice matches nowhere near a coach (& often not in front of a parent). I personally think that is what the USC coach is saying.

- Play lots of tournaments.
- Play adults. (in a tournament or just for fun)
- Play the guy down the street in front of parents. (or not)
- Play the girl two years older than you in front of a coach. (or not)

Yes get lessons, yes do drills, yes do some match play in front of a coach, but supplement it with more match play (anywhere.... against anyone...NOT in front of a coach).
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