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Comments below:

No wonder we're seeing a bunch of clones. FWIW, i know of many "advanced/players/juniors" who play lots of practice matches nowhere near a coach (& often not in front of a parent). I personally think that is what the USC coach is saying.

- Play lots of tournaments.
- Play adults. (in a tournament or just for fun)
- Play the guy down the street in front of parents. (or not)
- Play the girl two years older than you in front of a coach. (or not)

Yes get lessons, yes do drills, yes do some match play in front of a coach, but supplement it with more match play (anywhere.... against anyone...NOT in front of a coach).
I am sorry to tell you but that is how Sloane, Coco, Gabby, Kudla, Laure Davis and a few others train. Same way Chrissy Evert trained. There are other ways, but this is the most effective. 2-3 hours of Private instruction working on your shots and a good practice match with the coach on court. It seems to be working why don't you try it.
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