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Regardless of the year end ranking it is hard to say who was the best this year:

Djokovic- best performance in slams with 3 finals.

Federer- most tournament wins. 1 more Masters title than Djokovic or Nadal.

Murray- Won a slam and biggest event so far outside the slams- the Olympics, plus a 2nd slam final unlike Federer or Nadal.

Obviously Nadal is not a factor at this point, but any of the other 3 could be argued for. Whoever wins the WTF probably has had the best year, regardless of the rankings.

It feels more like Federer or Murray's year than Djokovic's though as Federer had his old age breakthrough in a big way, and Murray his general breakthrough. Djokovic is by far the least happy of the three right now I imagine. Even Nadal is probably much more personally satisfied, breaking the Roland Garros record, and winning 3 of his 4 encounters with Djokovic (and nearly the 4th) before injury ended his year prematurely. Of the four Djokovic is the only one who has really achieved nothing special this year, even if he ends at #1.

Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
He has done no better? Really? Who is leading the race at this point in time? The numbers don't lie.
By your logic the numbers didnt lie when Wozniacki was #1 last year over Kvitova, and it was really Wozniacki's year in 2011 with her array of puny titles and not Petra with her higher # of titles, Wimbledon title, WTA Championship title, Fed Cup title, titles on all surfaces. The numbers dont lie though, I am sure one would rather want Wozniacki's 2011 year than Kvitova. This isnt as clear a case as that, but already any "numbers don't ever lie" claim is dismissed.

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Just how is this ****'s season? He has done no better than Fed has,and has had a lousy year when you compare it to his year in 2011. I think Fed deserves the #1 ranking over ****. Not sure why you think otherwise(other than you're a flaming Cvactard).
LOL blunt but true, especialy the late sentence regarding Hitman.

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