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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Its posts like these that make me not able to take Fed fans seriously.. You got Pete not being able to beat Nadal until until July and not being able to beat Nadal at wimbledon, and getting taken out by Nadal INDOORS of all places.. Ayee. The same Nadal with his ZERO YEC titles?

My god the ****s bias know no bounds
If kuerten could take out Sampras, why not Nadal (I usually don't resort to this nonsense, but I'm playing your game here...)? what does kuerten have over Nadal? Clay titles? NO! slams? NO! HC slams? NO! YEC? yes, but that's the instance that's being used for the debating here, so no point using that.

Wasn't a 29 yr old Sampras (in 2001) wayyy past his prime? Didn't you claim it nor not? so why would Pete stand a chance against Nadal?
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