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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Regardless of the year end ranking it is hard to say who was the best this year:

Djokovic- best performance in slams with 3 finals.

Federer- most tournament wins. 1 more Masters title than Djokovic or Nadal.

Murray- Won a slam and biggest event so far outside the slams- the Olympics, plus a 2nd slam final unlike Federer or Nadal.
Murray has another slam final and the Olympics, but he also doesn't have a single Masters title, which is a bit of a blight on his record. He has two chances to rectify that, though, and could also take the WTF.

If Federer wins another Masters title, he'll match his personal best of four in a year. He also has a great shot at the WTF.

Still pretty open, though. Djokovic will very likely end the year with the no. 1 ranking, but Federer and Murray have some opportunities coming up to claim the Best Player of the Year title.

If Djokovic wins another Masters and/or the WTF, then he's by far the player of the year, given his success at the slams.
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