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Originally Posted by flyinghippos101 View Post
Just took a look at some of the plans in the states and all i have to say is, my god. Companies like Verizon and AT&T really have you guys by the balls. 70 bucks for the most standard iphone plan and for only 3 gigs? sheesh. My plan right now in Canada is only $56 with 6 gigs and thats arguably not the best I could do plan wise with Rogers
I'm currently on Sprints unlimited data plan on my iPhone 5 - $80/ mo and I get a corporate discount of 20% on top of that so I'm making out pretty good.

Verizon is terrible with their data charges, great network but not worth the extra $ IMO. I might not have LTE (yet) but I'm perfectly happy with my data speeds for the money I pay.
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