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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Do little, wait for swelling to go down. Doubt it's a bruise, but it might be.
If swelling doesn't drop in a week, see doc, of course. It could be serious stuff like cruciates inside the cap, it could be a bee sting.
If you can run and play tennis, it's probably not too serious, but could still be a structural problem, see doc.
Also, you need to locate the swelling EXACTLY, and the pain, if any exactly.
See doc.
Well the time it takes to see a doc here in the UK the swelling will probably be over. Swelling over the kneecap. Most painful to the touch on the outside parts of it. But it doesn't feel painful to walk with or even run (not that I've been for an extended run in past couple of days, but just like running up stairs, jogging etc).

If it were serious stuff like cruciates wouldn't it hurt to move?
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