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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
So what suresh would have you believe here,
is that anything past the svc line is GOOD depth, lol.
He is trying to insert this definition as misinfo on Depth terms and discussion.
Most everyone here has played a good amount of tennis, done some drills, and
had some lessons.
I don't expect anyone here believes that 1 ft beyond the svc line is considered
good or excellent depth in any form of traditional instruction, but sureshs will have
you believe it is.
Granted, it might be acceptable depth for a particular drill or game, but never
have I seen a coach or book teach it as good depth.
Even Oscar, who teaches you that you can get away with hitting shorter with
modern strokes...does not teach that anything past the svc line is good depth.
One more strawman he tries to create to confuse the issue on depth.

Even I, who agree totally the idea that depth is over rated, don't teach it as
good depth and treat it not as a depth issue, but an issue of pace and line of shot.
Please don't post misleading stuff. Just behind the service line is not enough - when Nadal hits there it bounces up to the base line and beyond with spin.

Kindly stick to what you want to say rather than going after others with some commercial agenda in mind to repeatedly bring up the name of your leader.
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