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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I would say he has revealed couple of things of immense importance which are simply beyond the scope of most people here - the importance of hitting through the ball and the importance of racket manipulation for direction.
As far as I can tell "Hitting through the ball" is a not a specific, objective description of a particular technique. Every tennis player "hits through the ball" to some extent-- otherwise the ball wouldn't go forward. So I think we all agree that you need to hit through the ball!

But what the phrase "hitting through the ball" actually means in practice is up for debate, and in fact has been debated ad nauseam on this forum. So without a little more detail, I'm not sure what the revelation is there.

"Racquet manipulation for direction" sounds like a truism. Of course you manipulate the racquet to direct the ball.

The question seems to be how you manipulate it. I didn't see any info on that in Peliwo's post-- perhaps because as he said himself, these things are more effectively taught by demonstration.

So once again, I don't think Peliwo's comments were particularly revelatory, and though I don't actually want to speak on his behalf, I doubt he intended them to be particularly revelatory.

That is really the difference between you and him - you think he has wasted his time but he doesn't think so. It is always like that. The people who are good are always willing to share - it is the low level people who are cynical, like you think you are qualified to speak on his behalf when you are basically a nobody.
Hey, if you choose to think that "hit through the ball," "get sideways" and "manipulate the hand/racquet for ball direction" are holy secrets that only high-level pros can impart, you're welcome to think that!

For myself I feel like these are generalities which one hears frequently. The issue is translating them into correct action. Reading them on a message board, no matter who posts them, won't get us there.
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