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You need a good frame of reference to see the athleticism on the high school football and basketball teams vs. the athleticism of the top 25 ranked sectional players. You had to play or coach football or basketball. The top 25 sectional players are good tennis players but are not, as a whole, elite athletes. There may be 1 or 2 exceptions. Conversely, the athletes at the skill positions in football and virtually all the basketball players are elite athletes- much better than the tennis players. For tennis players to get to the pro level they must be blessed with superior one in a million athleticism.
80% of the top American junior boys just don't have it. It doesn't matter how hard they train.
You reallly believe that ? Most people thought when they were voting for obama they were getting Kobe , we got a guy that is way underqualified because he has never put a day of work in in his life .

Do yourself a favor get out a dictionary and look up the definition of what and athlete is not your made up version .

Our problem in the USA any kid with talent for tennis we tell him to go to college where it is set up to make you fail at going pro .

BTW I have been to skid-roe and have seen a lot of these so called athletes living out of shopping carts and none of them can run the 40 in a sub 5 second time , because they dont fir the definition of and athlete.

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