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Posting a link is an easy exercise. Congratulations to the authors, especially to the over 80 years old guy, who has bewared his wit and style over the years. The difference is, that one account of Rosewall is firsthand, the other relies on some clips. Its of course not Tignor's fault, and i respect his more recent writings, because he shows some humility and historical perspective, by constantly referring to older writers. Still, there was a generation of tennis writers, like Laurie Pignon (who died recently), Will Grimsley, Trengove, Collins, Tingay, David Gray (with his famous Shades of Gray, not the mommyporn), Barrett, Bellamy, McCauley, Warren Wind, (Laney, Danzig, Myers, Oliff of a previous era), and others, who had encyclopedic knowledge of the game, and who were/are imo real authorities of the game.
And Tingay and maskell, the voice of the BBC.great recolection of names.IŽd add Tomassi,Scaramanga,Couvercelle and Ducamp.
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