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Originally Posted by RF20Lennon View Post
Chapman robbed this generation of MUSIC!!
Chapman stole us of an icon and his music. Lennon's influence went well past what was recorded on vinyl. Forty years before a politician won on a campaign of "hope and change", John was pioneering the concept of a musician being bigger than his songs. The anti-war movement was bumped vigorously by his participation. Divorce and interracial romance...he did both before both became SOP in our culture. Fashion? Who can forget his abrupt changes after India, drug experimentation, transoceanic migration and finally second fatherhood and stay-at-home parenting. The guy was way ahead of his time and I still badly miss him!

Many people of my generation link their memories to the "Where were you when JFK was shot?" question. I remember Howar Cosell interrupting the MNF telecast to announce that John had been shot...cooling down after a hit with my best friend on his indoor teaching court on a crisp late fall evening on Long Island. I was in shock for an hour, not wanting to drive home through my tears. That whole week was so depressing but the Sunday memorial after his death helped me through the blues. Instead of the moment of silence Yoko requested, I sang "Imagine" softly to myself.
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