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Originally Posted by fundrazer View Post
Eh, again, even the doping doctors will tell you that it's not a "level playing field." Not everyone's body responds in the same way to EPO and whatnot. And think about one of the main headlines of the whole reasoned decision. People are calling it the largest and most sophisticated doping program in sport. Or something along those lines.
and people say cycling is a boring sport...just be the first to get to the finish line, heh? there's so many layers of strategy involved in cycling. more than anyone ever imagined! they were able to devise the most sophisticated cheating program in the history of sports. now that's exciting stuff!

sure, not everyone's body responds in the same way to EPO, but i'm sure they were using more than just EPO. landis was caught using testosterone. so everyone was trying to figure out which combo of PEDs their bodies would respond best to. seems lance and dr. ferrari was able to find the best cheating protoccol for his body. doesn't change the fact that all the top riders were using PEDs and also trying to find the best combo of drugs for their body, too.

at the end of the day, what good does it do to ban lance for life at this point? he's done racing anyways. he's made his money. it's a hollow victory. they can't change what's happened in the past so just chalk it up to experience and devise better testing methods to prevent and catch the cheats in the future. they should make the punishment more severe if caught cheating. a 2 yr ban isn't enough to dissuade individuals from doping. make it a 5 yr ban. cyclists don't start hitting their prime until the mid 20s anyways so by the time a 5 yr ban is up, they won't have many productive years left in their career. risking their entire career to dope? that will make them think twice before they decide to cheat.
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