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Total myth. There are no truly talented and hard working American tennis players that fail because of cost. Not one.
Of course money is a factor in success in tennis.

You have repeatedly said Deiton should go to college because his father does not have enough money to support him in the futures and challengers.

Do you really think if we chose 2 or 3 guys from the futures circuit and paid their travel, coaching and tournament expenses that we would not greatly increase their chances of success on tour?

I challenge anyone to name me 5 players who had amazing world class potential but failed because no coach, academy, sponsor, businessman or other would help them.
I am talking about juniors whose names most of us would never know because their parents never put them in a position to be able to get to elite status because they could not afford top coaching, tournament fees, travel fees, and equipment.

Sachia Vickery's mother worked 2 jobs in order to keep her daughter in high level tennis. The girl travelled by Greyhound to tournaments instead of flying.

Sachia is a big talent but obviously money was an issue for them. There was no one throwing money at them to pay for her training and travel expenses. Her mom had to sacrifice time with her daughter and work in a dangerous environment just to give the girl the bare minimum so she could train at an elite level.

Obviously, there are some families not even in a position to do money matters.

Either way, this is an empty challenge because as soon as we name are going to say that that person sucks and your 8 year old daughter could beat them.

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