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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Hitting deep is UNDERRATED. It is, simply stated, the one thing you need to do to win. Hit consistently deep and there's essentially no way your opponent can do any damage offensively. Every tennis coach I've ever known has urged me to "miss long" rather than "miss short" in order to promote consistent depth. Watch videos of Djokovic's tremendous run last year (or Connors' entire career) and you'll see balls consistently landing just inside the baseline.

Yeh, but then there're guys like my buddy who consistently launches the ball long, like 15 long's for every 1 that hits the net bottom.

Bottom line is...just play smart and adapt better. If your opponent is able to get to every shot of yours, you gotta hit with more risks, ie harder, closer to the lines. If you're killing yourself by making too many UEs, scale back. If none of these work, you're playing someone truly better than you. Go back and practice more.
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