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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
Praise Jesus! Suresh admits thru the 5 balls thing is not valid? Can it be?

And the motion is across because most pros hit at full extension now. Only place left is across. But the intent is to hit through the ball. Just not in the way Suresh thinks of.
In our context, across motion is tangential horizontal component of the racquet velocity that coincides to the racquet string bed. This across motion creates boll’s clockwise spin.

Let’s again analyze Federer FH.

In frame 5 Federer creates maximum tangential component (maximum brushing motion), but small normal component (to string bed) of the racquet velocity. In frame 12 the racquet velocity has zero tangential component, but maximum normal component. Thus, Federer could hit pure flat FH and really is able to hit at least through one or two balls.
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