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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
But that's the point. Maybe this gear shouldn't be made available. Maybe it should be the player that generates the spin and not his gear.

I mean if Borg could generate lots of spin using a 65 sq. in. wood racquet with an 18x20 pattern strung with natural gut, every player should be able too if they worked hard enough on their strokes.
Borg was also a tennis pro whose profession it was to play tennis.
For those of us who play for fun, I don't see why having a modern racket is a big deal.

In fact, I don't really get what your fascination is here that causes you to obsess over what racket other people use. If you are winning, you shouldn't really care what racket your opponent uses if your better than them.

Isn't that why Federer still uses a 90?
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