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Originally Posted by gatorbait01 View Post
SIAP, but has anyone seen the thread where the tennis pro from Cananda is posting?

He made all 4 jr slams and won Wimbledon and US open.

What I found amazing is he uses a stock Blade 98. It's about 11.2 oz strung. More proof to use what YOU play best with.
You know, I played a stock Blade 98 for awhile before I felt like I needed something with more stability and then came across this forum. That was the end of me. Still wonder if I could have made that frame work for me with just lead tweaks or something, and if I should have just stuck with it as I truly loved that frame in all areas except for volleys. It just died at the net, but from the back and on serve, loved it. People say Raonic still plays with a retail KBlade 98 as well. Surely it's tweaked with lead and such, but still interesting.
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