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Originally Posted by FrisbeeFool View Post
It's frustrating because with you everything is black vs white traditional vs modern one thing vs the other.
No, if I saw things a clear black vs white as you say, I would make a statement
like you did,
"Modern" players generally take the racket head back higher than players in previous eras. That's what creates the loop backswing."

That is the kind of incorrect, partial understanding you and suresh deal in, that leads to
misunderstanding and confusion.

Now when it comes to classic tennis instructions, it tends to be a bit cut and dried
due to books and ref material that provides guidance. I realize you don't make use
of these items and like to wing it, giving your on ideas about classic, so your
confusion is not surprising. I would think you would catch on after while and
realize your personal views on classic hold little sway and don't hold up, despite
what you think someone told you one time or another.
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