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Originally Posted by lcalamar View Post
I just played with that exact setup last night! I strung at 56/52 (gut/poly). That may be on the high side - but initially this seemed a little too powerful for me and felt a little stiff. At the end of an hour I had the power under control and it seemed to soften a little.

I'd be tempted to loosen it a little next time - but would probably have more control issues.

I noticed on Smasher08's thread on this topic - he is in the low 50's in this setup.
He's also using a prestige mid 18x20 pattern. Small headsize with a tight pattern takes his 17g natural gut very well. Open patterns should play with a thicker gauge and increase the tension accordingly. What was just right when I used the Yonex 89 tour is a little too powerful on my 95d.
Yonex VCORE 95D - Pacific Classic 16 x MSV Co-Focus 1.18 @ 54/45 lbs
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