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Originally Posted by Rktennis1 View Post
TCF, I Dont disagree with you. From my state Indiana, we have two of the best players in the country. One wealthy, one not. So, I agree. If the talent is there, the money will be too. I didnt realize the vickery girls mother probably needed two jobs anyway to pay for things, regardless of tennis. No one put that in context for me.

Her mother said she specifically got a 2nd job as a bartender in a strip club to pay for her daughter's tennis expenses.

So she hired THREE coaches at the same time
<sarcasm> How come the 3 coaches didn't recognize Sachia's talents and agree to work for free? </sarcasm>

Isn't that the way it works in your fantasy?

If the talent is there, the money will be too.
You also need someone to recognize the talent and be knowledgeable enough to develop the talent.

I know a couple of local players who I am convinced would be world class if they had the proper training early on.

They are big, strong and fast but ended up working with local coaches who frankly are not good enough coaches to develop to a player to an elite level.

The examples of poor kids who have "made it" (because they were discovered by the right person early enough or because their parents were exceptional promoters or because their parents sacrificed and worked extraordinarily hard) are exceptions to the rule, not the rule.

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