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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I tend to look at shot selection based on how much damage it will do vs. the risk of the shot. Hitting balls really hard and deep certainly does a lot of damage when they go in, and even more if they have a nice angle, but how often do they also go out? Losing the point because of hitting long or wide doesn't do a whole lot of damage to your opponent. But, hitting the ball really hard and 6ft in still does a lot of damage yet has a much better risk.
I agree...I played the pusher of all pushers last plan was to run him side to side all evening, which I did...he was able to return deep shots most of the time...but when I hit with more pace and more spin, he would get panicky and commit unforced errors. Also, I could "lull" him with some rallies because he never tried to hit a I would just hit around 5 or 6 with him, hit a drop shot to bring him in, then unload a shot with pace and spin well inside the baseline for the win. Won the first set 6-3 and he retired with me winning the second set 5-2 because of a blister. Pace and spin before deep in my opinion. If you get both, fine.
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