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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Everyone says to hit deep with a lot of topspin. How many people can actually do this well without constantly hitting long? Do you try to hit every ball say within 3 ft of the baseline? I think depth really doesn't matter as much as we think it does, and a ball hit to 6ft. from the baseline can do just as much damage as a ball 6in. from the baseline.
I am one of those people that constantly hit the baseline and within 3 feet of the baseline. Do I try to do so? It really comes naturally to me to hit deep most of the time. If I have an off day, yes, I do try to hit deep and with a lot of topspin.

As far as a ball doing as much damage 6 inches from the baseline and 6 feet from the baseline, I wholeheartedly disagree based on personal experience. When I hit as deep as I usually do, so many opponents don't have the good timing to stay glued to the baseline, and thus have to back up. They then cough up a short ball (relatively short, that is), and I control the point from there. When I have an off day and can only hit 6 feet from the baseline or less, the topspin makes the opponent unable to come in (because it's not a short ball), but they can hit angles and winners with relative ease.

For me, hitting deep is my life. If I don't, I'm forced to go for more than I'm comfortable doing.

Also, because I hit deep so often, I don't really make that many unforced errors. The topspin keeps it in.
I am an unpredictable player. Even I surprise myself with some of the shots I make.
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