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Originally Posted by cluckcluck View Post
I'm not one to buy what the top players play with, most of know that they're not even using those sticks, just the paint.

I have a friend who, instead of calling the racquets by their names, he names the off like, "Rogers racquet," "rafa's racquet," "murray's stick," or my favorite "the roddick". He purely buys racquets based on who's playing with them. It's a shame he's throwing away money.
It's actually amazing, I spend a lot of time in my pro shop and most customers that come in either want the Fed stick or the Djokovic stick. It's amazing that people refer to the entire PS series as "The Fed Stick xx"

Ex: I like the Fed90, but the Fed95 fits my game a bit better. My son is using the Fed100 pretty well right now.

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