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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
will argue that "hitting an inch from the baseline just means you'll hit tons of UE's", conveniently ignoring what people are really trying to say.

Equivocating on terms is a great weapon in rhetoric contests. But if you are really trying to work through an issue (and not just win an argument for the sake of winning an argument), it is best to come to an agreement on the meaning of common terms being used.
Now isn't that funny!! You give misinfo about people hitting 1 inch from the BL
and how posters ignore what is really being said....then give that little speech
at the end about just trying to win an argument??? Really? lol

No one ever said anything about hitting 1 inch from BL (even though some players
try that), so why do you bring that in here. Most have discussed from 3-6 ft
from the BL, with on suresh giving the ridiculous comment that svc line was
good depth. He is who you should go after...not some mythical poster you have
imagined and sort of become with your comments above.
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