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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I then pulled out a Pure Storm Tour and hit for maybe 20 minutes. OK, this racquet is for crushing the ball. Switching from the PSLGT, it was like getting out of a Rolls and into a Ferrari. It doesn't have the same magical feel as the PSLGT but it is easier to play with and be a little more lazy with and get away with it.
Your experience is not unique. My previous racquet was the Babolat APDGT. Last week, I hit with my friend's APD Cortex for a few minutes. I was amazed at how well I was hitting with it. I took big swings at the ball and, for the most part, my shots were going in and they were good shots. It was fun to hit with a racquet that was lighter, more maneuverable, and more powerful.

However, I know this kind of feeling is just fleeting. For some reason it never translated to a better game for me in match play, and I know that in the long run it won't be good for my arm, so it's not an option anyway. Besides, I think my Ki 5x is one of the reasons my form is better now than it was before I got it.
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