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Originally Posted by InspectorRacquet View Post
When I have an off day and can only hit 6 feet from the baseline or less, the topspin makes the opponent unable to come in (because it's not a short ball), but they can hit angles and winners with relative ease.

For me, hitting deep is my life. If I don't, I'm forced to go for more than I'm comfortable doing.
Also, because I hit deep so often, I don't really make that many unforced errors. The topspin keeps it in.
Are you really a 3.5 as in your sig? this would make sense, as you don't hit that
hard yet; and without pace, depth is more important, along with depth being much
more effective at 3.5 to low 4.0 where they don't position as well.
When a player can hit with more pace and spin, the direction of shot becomes
more of a factor than depth, as depth hardly bothers good players due to skills
and better positioning, but a hard ball away from you is tough to get to even
if you are skilled and you may not even get there.
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